China(Ningbo)Export Cross-border E-commerece Expo & Export Fair

Organizer : Ningbo Culture & Tourism, China Chamber of International Commerce Ningbo Chamber of Commerce

Time : Tue, May 18 2021, 09:00 ~ Thu, May 20 2021, 20:00

Venue : Hall 7&8 in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Online

About This Event

Industrial Background

The international environment and domestic conditions for the foreign trade development of our country have undergone profound changes, that is, the severe foreign trade trend, the intricate international economic situation, the rise of trade protectionism, the gradual increase in trade frictions, the insufficient orders faced by foreign trade companies, poor logistics, the unstable supply chains, and many other prominent difficulties. Once the online shopping pattern is formed, consumers are accustomed to the convenience of online consumption, which means that it is difficult to restore the original offline shopping pattern after the epidemic. As we know, SARS 17 years ago had caused a huge impact on the business model, which gave birth to the vigorous development of domestic Internet e-commerce and created Internet retail giants such as Alibaba and; and 2020 will be the first year of the outbreak of cross-border e-commerce export.

Introduction to Expo & Export Fair

With the theme of "New Export, Favour World" and the development goal of building China's export cross-border e-commerce ecological chain, this Expo & Export Fair will actively organize institutions of export cross-border e-commerce platforms, payment, logistics, warehousing, legal services, talent training, Industrial parks, agency operations, trademarks and VAT to participate, and small and medium-sized foreign trade factories and wholesalers will also be invited, so as provide cross-border flexible supply chain services for export cross-border e-commerce large, medium and small-sized sellers and related trading companies. Meanwhile, this Expo & Export Fair will also strive to build the six major platforms of the export cross-border e-commerce industry through exhibitions, cooperation negotiations and forum exchanges, including the foreign trade commodity exhibition platform, the financing platform, the supply chain procurement platform, the export cross-border e-commerce, and industrial park investment platform, the talent exchange platform and the industrial policy and information release platform.

Introduction to Ningbo

Ningbo referred to as "Yong", is located in the middle of the coastline of mainland China, adjacent to Shanghai and Hangzhou, with a total area of 9,714 square kilometers. Ningbo is an important port city on the southeast coast of China, the economic center of the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, a national historical and cultural city, a national civilized city, one of the first 14 coastal cities in mainland China to open to the outside world, an excellent tourist city in China, one of the first group of national e-commerce demonstration cities, the capital of Chinese brands, one of the first group of national cross-border e-commerce pilot cities and a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area.

Exhibition Scope

1. Cross-border e-commerce service institutions: including cross-border e-commerce platforms, payment, logistics, warehousing (overseas warehouses), legal services, talent training institutions, industrial parks, agency operations, trademarks, VAT, etc.

2. Small and medium-sized foreign trade factories, providing high-quality products for export cross-border e-commerce sellers. The main products cover all the best-selling categories of export cross-border e-commerce: auto parts, kitchenware, outdoor leisure, sports, toys and games, baby pets, beauty care, clothing and shoes, hardware tools, cultural and creative gifts, home appliances, office supplies, etc.

Concurrent Events

1.Global Export Cross-border E-commerce Entrepreneur Summit

2.Business Cooperation Conference of National (Export) Cross-border E-commerce Association

3."Create a Capital of Foreign Trade Brands" Ningbo Foreign Trade Brands Overseas Summit Forum

4.China (Ningbo) Cross-border E-commerce Overseas Alliances Docking Meeting

5.Docking Fair between Small and Medium-sized Foreign Trade Factories and Purchasers

6.Special Events Themed on Logistics, Finance, Advertising and Talents

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