China International Fair for Trade in Service-Thai medical stage special event

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The Dusit Medical Services Group of Bangkok will focus on the content of medical services in Thailand to create cooperation with relevant institutions in China.

BDMS also offers products for the Chinese market. These include a variety of health checkups, cancer screening and cardiovascular screening. These products can be purchased separately or purchased in a customized package that includes flights from China to Thailand, ground transportation and hotel accommodation.

In recent years, the number of cancer patients in China admitted to the Dusit Medical Services Group in Bangkok has increased significantly. More and more Chinese patients are attracted by world-class clinical results, especially the long-term survival rates of lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. BDMS believes this trend will continue, considering that the incidence of cancer in China is increasing dramatically, and patients are looking for therapeutic destinations in Asia that offer similar or better medical outcomes. A considerable number of Chinese patients go to BDMS hospitals for screening/screening and preventive care, IVF treatment and cancer, cardiac and neurological diagnosis and treatment.

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