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Products include variety of Happy New Year decorative hanging strings, including chili peppers, firecrackers, lanterns, gourds, lucky characters, god of wealth, peanut, blessing bags and other shapes, all are symbols of traditional Chinese culture, representing red flames, wealth, happiness, luck, etc., made of printing technology, brocade or silk fabrics, embroidery exquisite, beautiful, auspicious Festive, with exquisite tassels, beautiful shape, can be used for indoor and outdoor Spring Festival, festival layout. Small God of Wealth hangs a blessing bag about 55 cm long, God of Wealth is 13 cm high, the blessing bag is 8 cm high; 8 Red brocade firecrackers are 72 cm long, 7.5 cm long, 2.7 cm wide, progressive fabric; 5 brocade red gourd is about 95 cm long, gourd diameter is about 7 cm, about 13 cm high, brocade fabric is about 120 cm high, bag width is about 6 cm, high about 6 cm 7.5cm.

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