Ethiopia investment promotion and experience sharing Promotion Conference

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At this promotion meeting, the Ethiopian Embassy in China will focus on promoting investment opportunities in Ethiopia, and representatives of Ethiopia Huajian light industrial park will share their investment experience in Egypt. Ethiopia is an ancient civilization with a history of more than 3000 years and the second most populous country in Africa. Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is the political, economic and cultural center and the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union. It is known as the "political heart of Africa" and has a unique political status in Africa. In recent years, Ethiopia has become one of the most economically dynamic countries in Africa with relatively stable political situation and rapid economic growth. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Ethiopia 49 years ago, bilateral relations have developed steadily and healthily, and political mutual trust has deepened day by day. In 2017, China Egypt relations were upgraded to a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation, especially in the field of economic and trade cooperation. China has become Ethiopia's largest trading partner, largest project contractor and source of investment. Bilateral friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation covers all aspects of Ethiopia's economic and social development. Ethiopia's first industrial park, the first wind power plant, the first expressway, urban light rail, transnational electrified railway and countless highways, dams, power plants and factories are the crystallization of the concerted efforts of the two governments and people, with Chinese marks and elements everywhere. China Egypt economic and trade cooperation is mutually beneficial and win-win, and has become a leader and model of South South cooperation and China Africa cooperation.

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