Date: 3-5 June, 2020.
Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
South entrance, No.168 East Yinggang Rd.
Qingpu District, Shanghai
P.R. China
Today's AQUATECH CHINA has covered all aspects of water treatment, including clean water and sewage. It is also leading the water industry exhibition platform and gradually becoming the vane of the international water industry in the 21st century. In the next few years, the global series of AQUATECH CHINA will continue to provide a platform for global water industry to exchange and obtain information. Whether in Europe, the US or China, you'll find cutting-edge technology breakthroughs and solutions on the exhibition platform.
AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai International Water Exhibition has not only successfully established the status of the industry's vane in the past 11 years, but also experienced the baptism after two changes in the pavilion. It has now become an important water treatment exhibition in the industry. The 2019 AQUATECH CHINA is expected to reach a scale of 250,000 square meters, with 3,500 exhibitors participating, holding the FLOWTECH CHINA , ECOTECH CHINA , ECOTECH CHINA . BUILDEX CHINA, using the advantages of various exhibitions, fully integrates the real display of the environmental protection industry chain!

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