[SALE] Intelligent Non-invasive Ventilator


Company Name: Global Surveillance Technology Co.,Ltd

The Chinese company is selling intelligent non-invasive ventilators applicable to both adults and children.

This type of ventilator has been designed around the innovative S9™ platform. With the new iVAPS mode inside, setting up patients and treating their changing respiratory needs has just become a whole lot easier.

The ventilator is suitable for hypercapnic patients with changing respiratory needs. This breakthrough technology provides intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support, which targets alveolar ventilation.

The product has the following features.

  • Intelligent
    Intelligent technology targets alveolar ventilation and the respiratory rate.
  • Personalised
    Personalising therapy for each patient is made easy through Learn Targets.
  • Automatic
    Monitors and adapts to a patient’s changing needs, minimising sleep disruption.

Should you take interest, please feel free to contact:

Mr. Linglong Kong (孔令龙)

Email: konglinglong@gyguohua.com 

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