France exports Marine calcium and fish spices

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A French agribusiness that makes products such as Marine calcium and fish spices seeks distributors in agricultural and nutritional food markets to sell its natural Marine ingredients for human consumption.
Marine calcium can be used for bone and joint health supplements and calcium supplements of health food and drink;
Fish spice contains a cod meal used in soups, aromatic bases, and ready-made meals and drinks.
The company offers distribution agreements to potential partners in Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada.

Enterprise brief introduction

The company, based in Normandy, France, began operations in 2016 at a new plant to produce new Marine raw materials.
The company collects, modifies and distributes a range of quality products for the human food, food accessories, pet food nutrition, spice industry and functional food markets.
The company USES food-grade Marine ingredients to focus its industrial processes on natural processes and sustainable freshness.

The company produces and supplies:

• natural calcium

Fish meal,

• Marine bioactive peptides

• cold extract fish oil

Product situation

Marine calcium:

• 100% Marine hydroxyapatite

• natural seafood bone

• unlike traditional calcium supplements, it is easily absorbed

• high nutritional value

• accurate 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus

• no additives, yeast, starch, gluten and wheat fillers, artificial colors, etc

Cod fish meal:

For maximum flavor, this cod meal is made from selected fresh cod and is a natural product without any preparation, water or solvent.
The micronization of cod meal allows it to produce a high quality solution (no caking) and to remain stable over time (no decanting).
Cod meal can be used in cooking (juices, soups, cooked foods, snacks, minced fish, diet meals) and/or aromatic (fish flavor).

The product features

- pure natural, zero additives

- super freshness of selected materials

- eu GMP standard quality

  • FDA approved devices

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