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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Information Center officially launched “Credit Pro” Credit reporting services.

The joint efforts to pursue China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has made significant headway and continued to gain influences in the international arena. Consequently, an increasing number of Chinese companies have gone abroad and integrated into the global market. With the continuous expansion of the scale and scope of cooperation among enterprises, it has been increasingly urgent for multinational companies to know how to have a deep understanding of partners at the initial stage of cooperation, how to have a credit background investigation of partners, how to reduce risks for future cooperation and how to increase the success rate of cooperation. The United Nations randomly selected 3,500 import and export companies in China for investigation. The findings indicate that numerous enterprises suffered the lack of business partners’ credit records with regard to the previous business activities, which severely hindered the development of these enterprises. Among all the surveyed enterprises, 70% of them suffered “losses due to credit problems”, and over 90% of them believed that “foreign economic and trade enterprises should take the lead in establishing a corporate credit system”. More than 60% of enterprises believed that the credit system will be helpful to Chinese companies in their foreign investment and export strategies, and it would be the primary goal of the company to improve corporate credit image and rating.

Therefore, a good corporate credit report can help companies gain influences, improve credit image, reduce transaction costs and enhance competitiveness in overseas markets. A faithful credit report is a proof of a company’s comprehensive competitiveness and it is beneficial for a company to win in the market competition.

We(CCPIT Information Center)cooperate with China’s renowned and qualified credit agencies to jointly launch the “Credit Pro”, enterprise credit service. We are committed to establishing user-friendly credit inquiry services for overseas companies to cooperate with Chinese companies. We can provide accurate and comprehensive credit reports through sophisticated assessment procedures such as detailed data collection, data analysis and corporate surveys based on customer needs. Two types of credit reports can be provided for your selection: standard and customized ones. The standard version covers basic content such as corporate information, asset allocation, and liability. The customized version is based on customer needs.

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