2019 First China (Liuzhou) International Intelligent Industry Expo

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Exhibition scale 27,000 square meters

Exhibition area setting

(1) International exhibition area: It is proposed to invite foreign companies to participate.

(II) Guangxi Liuzhou Exhibition Area: It mainly displays Guangxi's work initiatives, industrial layout, development highlights and achievements in the smart industry; invites key enterprises from Liuzhou to participate in the exhibition, and invites enterprises, industrial enterprises and industrial projects to display.

(3) New Energy Vehicle Zone: Showcase intelligent driving simulation scenarios and intelligent integration.

(IV) Intelligent manufacturing core industrial zone: showcase the integration of intelligent and traditional industries.

(5) Mechanical equipment exhibition area: engineering vehicles, earthmoving machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, etc.

(6) Intelligent Logistics Exhibition Area: Showcase logistics robots, cold chain logistics, etc.


Exhibition scope

(1) Intelligent basic fields: big data, industrial cloud, and internet of things.

(2) Intelligent products and equipment: smart grid, industrial robots, smart instrument tables, intelligent key components, 3D printing, drones, CNC machine tools.

(3) Emerging industry sectors: rail transit, new energy vehicles, industrial design, and intelligent agricultural machinery.

(4) Future industrial fields: driverless, virtual reality and augmented reality, artificial intelligence.


Series of activities

(1) Opening Ceremony and Intelligent Industry Forum

(2) Welcome dinner

(3) Project Investment Promotion Association

(4) Black technology release activities

(5) Investigation activities


Target audience

(1) Relevant leaders and procurement personnel of relevant government departments, communications, education, banking, science, IT computers, industry, scientific research institutes, universities, hospitals, hotels, apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

(2) Domestic and foreign distribution agents, wholesalers, import and export traders, engineers/OEM/ODM, etc.

(3) Experts and scholars from the design/planning department, procurement department, relevant associations, chambers of commerce, associations, and societies.

(4) Artificial intelligence design and manufacturing enterprises.

(5) Smart product distribution channels and markets, smart product sales channels and markets, shopping malls and supermarkets, artificial intelligence companies and consumers.


Exhibition promotion

(1) Promotion of professional magazines and websites, promotion by radio and television stations, and promotion of newspapers.

(2) Propaganda of associations and associations: Through the association with various industry associations and associations, they will participate in the exhibition and visit.

(3) Image media: use buildings for TV publicity.

(4) Outdoor advertising: set up large-scale billboard promotion in relevant markets and streets.

(5) On-site publicity of similar exhibitions: choose to participate in similar professional exhibitions at home and abroad, send development conference materials and visit tickets, directly face professional merchants to promote and invite target audiences.

(6) Inviting traders: One-on-one professional invitations to customers through telephone confirmation, fax forms, and invitations to send invitations.

(7) Tickets and emails: Invite professional visitors from all walks of life to visit by telephone, fax, email, direct mail, and visits.

(8) At the same time, technical invitations, seminars, new technologies, new product launches were held to invite and attract audiences.


exhibition fee

Luxury standard booth (domestic): area 3 × 3 = 9m2, 5,500 yuan / standard booth (double open plus 500 yuan / face). The quotation includes: three-sided hoarding board (if the booth is double-developed, it is two-sided hoarding), company name fascia board, consulting desk, two folding chairs, two spotlights, one power socket, in the original standard exhibition On the basis of doing 1 meter height, highlighting the corporate logo.

Special booth: 36m2 light rent, 500 yuan / m2, without any display racks and facilities.

International booth: Free participation (from 36 square meters).

(Remarks: The above quotations include 2 nights in each standard room for each exhibitor during the exhibition, 2 working lunches per day.)

In order to guarantee the quality of the first China (Liuzhou) International Intelligent Industry Expo in 2019, all exhibitors and enterprises are invited to choose the organizer to set up your company booth. Please specify in advance the special power, and charge separately.

Booth Arrangement: The Organizing Committee will arrange booths based on the principle of “first registration, first payment, first arrangement”. In order to ensure the overall image of the exhibition, the organizing committee has the right to adjust a small number of booths.

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