COSMOPlat: supplying Medical equipment, Epidemic prevention materials,Medical and laboratory consumables, and Cold chain transportation equipment

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Emergency Intelligent Cloud Global Integrated Service Platform

1. Company Profile

Haichengfang Digital Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haier Group, gave full play to the role of resource aggregation, element interconnection and ecological coupling, and it has built the world's first multi-level emergency material management platform with the whole process and the whole industry chain.

Global Intelligent Cloud, as a core platform incubated by COSMOPlat emergency supplies management platform, helps solve the resources’ matching difficulty and uneven distribution by its accurate docking, optimized scheduling and collaboration abilities. The platform enables Chinese SMEs success with high competitive products and services on quality, cost and delivery terms. Up to now, the platform has provided services for 12 countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, etc., assisted those countries to alleviate the shortage of materials covering medical equipment, epidemic prevention materials, medical and laboratory consumables and cold chain transportation equipment,etc. 


2.Product Categories


Product categories


Medical equipment and apparatus

PSA, ventilator, medical oxygen generator, oxygen storage irrigation, oxygen flowmeter, oxygen concentrator, blood oxygen meter, hospital bed, atomizer, modular vaccination ark, mobile vaccination shelter, etc

Epidemic prevention materials

Protective clothing, mask, medical gloves, protective mask, protective eye mask, disinfectant products,antigen and antibody test reagents, etc

Medical and laboratory consumables

Syringes, safety needle, needle tube, infusion tube, filter tips, serological pipette, centrifuge tube, vacuum blood collection tube, test tube rack, pipette, colorimetric cup, PCR plate, culture dish, etc

Cold chain transportation equipment

Ultra low temperature refrigerator, cold chain transfer boxes and other vaccine transfer equipment


3. Platform Capability

(1) Global supply-demand matchmaking capability

Optimal resources, accurate docking, rapid order process.

(2) The whole life cycle quality control

The strict sourcing control is achieved by the comprehensive suppliers’ whole process evaluation and factory inspection. The verified third-party supervisions ensure overwhelming manufacturing process and high-standard products quality. We provide our clients with excellent 24/7 after-sales services.

(3) One-stop cross-border trade solutions

Zero delay in delivery, perfect warehousing, quality control mode, optimaldistribution, flexible cross-border logistics, green customs clearance.

(4) Intelligent manufacturing solutions

Platform construction, factory empowerment,intelligentized reconstruction.

(5) Financial service capability

Support multi currency payment, L / C discount and financial exchange business.

4. Differentiation advantages

(1) State-of-the-art quality resource selection, low cost, high quality, brand endorsement, delivery guarantee;

(2) Product traceability and production visualization;

(3) Manage the whole process of life-cycle of the products and monitor the quality of the whole process;

(4) One-stop logistic distribution, zero distance door-to-door service;

(5) Reconstructing ecology and enabling dual cycle: enabling suppliers to realize intelligent manufacturing and improve suppliers’ production efficiency and product quality.

5. Social Responsibility

The platform is keen on social responsibility and committed to social care action.

Participated in assisting the antigen detection of COVID-19 for all citizens in Qingdao, completed the nucleic acid test of over ten million people within 5 days, eliminated the risk of community infection within 5 days, and found the "patient zero" within 5 days.

The platform also actively participated in international assistance, supporting the cold chain vaccine transport container and helping the "Spring Seedlings" initiative in Papua New Guinea, which was highly praised by international friends.



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