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1. Company Profile

Henan Guanjing Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd .(referred to as "Guanjing Semiconductor ") is located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, led by Zhengzhou Zhengdazhineng Technology Co., Ltd. Is a research and development,production,sales,customized services in one of the semiconductor thermoelectric technology high-tech enterprises.

Based on the high-level talent innovation team, Guanjing Semiconductor focuses on the development and application of semiconductor thermoelectric technology, using advanced material preparation, device packaging, intelligent product integration technology and intelligent manufacturing mode, and becomes a new semiconductor refrigeration product and solution supplier integrating semiconductor refrigeration device manufacturing and customized refrigeration services. Products and services are used in many fields, such as communication, automobile, medical, industrial, military, home appliances, integrated circuits and so on.

In line with the concept of "diligence, determination, development and innovation ", Guanjing Semiconductor adheres to the quality policy of" quality is the foundation of enterprise survival ", takes technological innovation as the motive force, focuses on the development of talents, aims at the application of semiconductor refrigeration with advanced international level and high performance.Continue to develop high-quality semiconductor refrigeration products, improve China's semiconductor refrigeration field independent innovation and supply capacity.

2. Technology Overview   

Semiconductor thermoelectric material is a new type of bismuth telluride material. By loading a DC voltage at both ends of the thermoelectric refrigerating unit, the heat will flow from one end of the element to the other. At this time, the temperature of one end of the refrigerator decreases and the temperature of the other end rises simultaneously. Semiconductor refrigerator has the characteristics of fast refrigeration efficiency, electronic mute, accurate temperature control and long life. It is widely used in 5 G of communication, automobile, medical treatment, industry, military industry, household appliances and so on.Application customers are mainly Huawei, ZTE, Geely, Yutong, Ningde era and so on.

3. Technical Level

·Optimal galvanized coating thickness;

·Unique flexible thermal conductive layer between ceramic ;substrate and copper guide sheet;

·Design of Metal Tin Spraying on Ceramic Surface;

·Cleaning after machining of crystal rod;

·By constructing a new mode of intelligent manufacturing based on digitization, the production process is optimized under the concept of lean manufacturing, the product quality is improved, and the product delivery efficiency is improved.

4. Product Performance

·ΔTmax=72℃-83℃, promote 4-15℃

·Service life up to 200000-300000 hours

5. Product Characteristics

Reliable, stable, lightweight

·No moving parts, only need electric energy; another life can reach 200000-300000 hours, basically can achieve life-free maintenance

·Small size, light weight, customizable, suitable for small space

Rapid cooling, precise temperature control

·Quick response, high cooling efficiency

·Stability within ±0.01 ℃

Electronic mute, environmentally friendly

·Warming up and cooling down through electron hole movement

·Lead free certification, refrigerant free

Hot and cold switching, easy installation

·The same cooling device can realize heating and cooling by switching current direction

·Can be based on customer needs, any angle of installation work

6. Semiconductor Thermoelectric TEC Products

 Semiconductor Thermoelectric TEA Products

(1) AA series

refrigeration the target space by forced convection.

The heat of the hot surface is dispersed by forced convection.

(2) DA series

The target object is cooled or controlled by direct heat transfer.

(3) DL series

A series of products that integrate heat dissipation, refrigeration or temperature control, power supply control and fluid loop control

Provide low temperature / constant temperature fluid to the user through two external inlet / outlet interfaces.

Customers can set the required fluid temperature according to demand within the set temperature range.

Contact: Zhao Xiaogang



Website: www.hngjst.com

Production base : High-tech Zone Filter Industry Park C4# Factory, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China


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