Mobile Grain Dryer

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Company Profile

Founded in July 2010, Shandong Wopu Agricultural Equipment Technology Co., Ltd,  which is located in Dongping County, Shandong Province, is a high-tech  enterprise integrated with the R&D, manufacturing and sales of grain dryer, and it now has over 200 employees, including 15 senior technical personnel, and production plant of 40,000 square meters and registered capital 20 million yuan (2.8 million USD).

The main business covers 10-100 ton 5HPX series batch type circulating grain dryer, 100-1000 ton high temperature continuous dryer, 0.3-16 million large calorie energy saving  hot blast stove and a series of grain dryer.

Wopu Technology formally signed with AGREX and established co-partnership for the joint production of mobile grain dryer in 2015.


Mobile batch type circulating grain dryer

Principle and technical parameters

Comparison of technical parameters


1. It needs no fixed site and a large number of auxiliary and infrastructure projects

2. Rapid change of work site and smooth field paths

3. Energy conservation, environmental protection and high efficiency

Three problems  for the combustion control of drying tower, batch circulating(fixed type)

and dryer.

(1)Exhaust emission of coal furnace

(2)Combustion management of coal furnace

(3)Low heat transfer efficiency

4. High intelligent level and few labor

5. One machine for multiple purposes, high equipment utilization rate 

6. Advanced drying technology, high drying quality

7. High drying efficiency and low cost

8. The imported accessories ensure the product quality, good equipment stability and long life service.

Introduction to Mobile Grain Dryer

1. The mobility, traction and self-propelling and multi operating point operation can reduce the cost of grain transportation and secondary pollution of grain.

2. Dual section expansion(up and down barn) conforms to the national height limit requirements(4.5m).

3. Dual power conversion, tractor or power electricity can be used.

4. Fast precipitation, average precipitation rate (3-5%/H)), which far higher than the fixed equipment in the market (0.8-1.2%/H).

5. Easy installation

6. Automatic temperature control, easy operation, high intelligence degree and few labors(one person in working shift).

7. Rational drying tempering ratio and advanced drying technology can ensure the grain quality after drying.

8. The built-in hot air warehouse can ensure the even grain heating and good evenness after drying.

9. It conforms to the national environmental protection requirements(no smoke dust emission).

10. It has positive pressure air supply, high heat utilization rate (95%) and energy conservation.

11. It needs no fixed site, infrastructure projects and other auxiliary equipment.


IT Center, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)


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