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Ⅰ. Basic Information of Xinxiang High-Tech Zone

Xinxiang New and High-Tech Development Zone was founded in 1992, the total planning area is 52 square kilometers, the built-up area is 20 square kilometers. It has 1 township and 1 office, with a total population of about 180000. In August 2012, it was approved as a national high tech zone by the State Council. In April 2016, it was approved by the State Council as Zheng-Luo-Xin national independent innovation demonstration zone. It is “the carrier of national innovation and entrepreneurship”, “the national refrigeration high tech industrialization base”, “the national Torch Program bio-medical industry base”, “the digital demonstration industry cluster area of Henan Province”, “Henan province informatization and industrialization Integration Experimental Zone”, “the first batch of characteristic parks of Internet of things in Henan Province”, “demonstration industry cluster area of industry city linkage development”, “demonstration base of new industrialization industry in Henan Province”. In the year of 2019, Xinxiang High-tech Zone ranks 76th in the comprehensive evaluation of 169 national high-tech zones in China. And it is rated as “excellent industrial agglomeration zone of Henan Province” by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

(1) Location advantage.

Xinxiang High-Tech Zone located in the southeast of Xinxiang City, with perfect infrastructure and convenient transportation and logistics. It is the only national highway transportation hub city in the north of Henan Province. It is also the shape of “union jack” transportation hub in the Central Plains Economic Zone. It is 50 minutes drive from Xinzheng International Airport. To the South direction, it takes 18 minutes to Zhengzhou, 5 hours to Shanghai and 7 hours to Shenzhen. To the north, it takes 2.5 hours to Beijing and 3 hours to Tianjin. 2 hours to Jinan to the East and 2.5 hours to Xi'an to the west, which radiates 500 million people within a radius of 600 km。

(2) Sufficient human resources.

Xinxiang has 11 colleges and universities with about 220000 students. It is one of the non-provincial capital cities with the largest number of universities in the central and western regions. It has 4 state-level scientific research institutes and 701 R & D centers of various enterprises, and 130000 scientific and technological personnel. Such as the No.22 CETC.(China Electronic Science and Technology Corporation).

(3) Good industrial base.

It has 33 categories of 41 industry categories in the national economy. More than 60 products have production capacity or market share, which ranking the top 5 in the same industry in China.

Ⅱ. Basic Information of Xinxiang Big data Industrial Park

(1) Overview

Xinxiang big data Industrial Park is a platform for industrial cluster development and innovation that based on HUAWEI Xinxiang cloud computing data center as the core of Internet plus, Big data and Cloud computing.

The total investment is more than 2 billion yuan, with a total area of 158.2 Mu (105466 square meters) and a total construction area of 205900 square meters. Among them, the first phase project covers an area of 58 mu (38666 square meters). Including 10000 ㎡ IDC cloud computing center, 3000 ㎡ exhibition hall, about 60000 ㎡ high-rise data building and about 20000 m2 supporting apartments. Cloud computing center plans to deploy more than 1000 cabinets, which can provide the computing capacity of 240000 virtual machines. The second phase construction project includes creative workshop, R & D center, conference center and data center. The construction of the park is led by information service and information technology industry. According to Xinxiang municipal party committee and government working deployment, that is to  promote the construction of Kunpeng industrial ecological chain project. Through establish the model of “big data + industry + zone”, we will taking the area A, No. 14#(Wangxin building) of Xinxiang Big Data Industrial Park as the carrier, together with the No.22 CETC(China Electronic Science and Technology Corporation), Taiji Computer Company, Neusoft Group and other institutions, finally we will build big data operation and service center, financial data disaster recovery center, science and technology innovation exhibition and application exhibition center, big data trading center, data development and service center, and software R & D and service center, which contribute to create Kunpeng computing industry ecology, promote Xinxiang information service and technology industry development, and further promote the high-quality development of digital economy in the whole Henan Province.

(2) Current situation

At present, the first phase of the project has been successfully completed. More than 10 leading Internet big data enterprises have successively settled in. Such as Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Huanghe S&T Group Information Industry Development Co.,Ltd., China Science and Technology Institute of Digital Economy and Technology Industry, and DHgate Company.


III. Investment target

Focus on introducing big data, internet of things, cloud computing, Huawei ecological partners and other related enterprises and various R & D public service platforms to settle in the park. Welcome interested enterprises to contact and visit.


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