Investment Promotion of Lvyin Fashion Town, Xinxiang city, Henan province

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Lvyin fashion town is located within Xinxiang economic and technological development zone(XETDZ). Situated in the hinterland of the Central Plains and the north of Henan province, Xinxiang is one of national civilized cities with Taihang Mountain in its north and the Yellow River south. It covers 8249 square kilometer, including 8 counties and 4 districts, of which the size ranks the third in Henan province. It has a total resident population of 6.2 million. With having 11 colleges and universities, 25 secondary vocational and technical schools, and 242,000 undergraduates, Xinxiang has the biggest quantity of colleges and universities among non-provincial capital cities in Central and Western regions of China. In 2019, the city’s GDP reaches around 291.8 billion RMB, ranking the sixth in province. Added value of industries above designated size rises 8.5 percent year-on-year. General public budget revenue reaches around 18.7 billion RMB, rising 8.4 percent year-on-year.

XETDZ is one national development zone with tremendous location and transportation advantages. It has Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao expressway and G107 in the west, Heze-Baoji expressway in the north, Xinxiang-Heze railway in the south, and S308 passing through. The “Xinxiang” CRexpress has been well operating and has joined the “new channel of land and sea in the West”. The pattern of highway-rail-sea intermodal transportation has been initially formed, and the goods in the region can realize “one-stop customs declaration and reaching the whole world”.


As textile and garment industry is leading industry, XETDZ makes full use of advantages in production, supply and research of textile materials such as Lyocell fibre, regenerated cellulose filament and spandex to construct Green Fibre Industrial Park(GFIP). GFIP is specialized to develop green fibre industry, covering 2587 acres of land. According to the thought of “high end leading, diversified follow-up, industrial supporting”, it is conceived with the principle of paying equal attention to investment promotion and project construction to gradually build a 100 billion RMB  industrial park and become China’s high-end green fiber industrialization demonstration base. As of now, GFIP owns more than 20 famous textile and garment enterprises, including Xinxiang Bailu Investment Group, China Textile Academy Green Fibre Company, Xinxiang Feilu Textile Technology Company.

Lvyin fashion town is seated on the both sides of CRexpress exclusive line within GFIP. The estimated total investment is 5 billion RMB to construct this town of 247 acres, including production land of 164 acres and infrastructure supporting land of 83 acres. It will be conducted in two phases. Phase I covering 115 acres is mainly designed to construct 1 whole-industry-chain project, 1 to 2 spinning or weaving projects, 2 to 3 printing and dyeing projects and emission centralized disposal center. Phase two covers around 132 acres. Focusing on green fibre industry, supported by existed enterprises in GFIP, Lvyin fashion town will give priority to develop printing, dyeing, and weaving industry chains, in order to form industrial agglomeration and further build a new highland of green fibre cluster development.

Investment Orientation

Promising textile projects are welcome to settle in Lvyin fashion town, especially textile all-chain project, intelligent weaving project, and environmental-friendly printing and dyeing project. It is with pleasure to receive your kind contact and visit.

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