FOTON - Leading Manufacturer of Commercial Vehicles in China

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Foton Motor Group was founded in 1996 and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1998. Foton is member of BAIC Group, which is a Fortune 500 company. With 32,000 employees and USD 14 billion operating revenue,  Foton has sold its products to more than 110 countries and regions across the world, developing into a state-owned internationalized leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in China.

Foton has produced and sold 10 million vehicles in total, ranking first in Chinese commercial vehicle sector for 13 consecutive years and commercial vehicle inventory; With 650,000 exported vehicles, Foton ranks first in Chinese commercial vehicle export volume for 10 consecutive years.

Foton is known as one of the most valuable commercial vehicle brands in China because it has ranked first in Chinese commercial vehicle industry for 17 consecutive years.

When it comes to business development, Foton has developed into a commercial vehicle enterprise that produces all series of commercial vehicles, including heavy duty truck, medium duty truck, light duty truck, VAN, pickup and SUV, mini truck, large and medium-sized bus, so it can provide solutions for customers in all series of commercial vehicles.

Foton works with world-class enterprises to build economical, high-quality and high-performance powertrain and high-quality products.

Foton carries out joint venture with the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the word-Daimler to build “Foton Daimler” in the hope of producing and selling high-quality trucks;

Foton carries out joint venture with word’s leading independent engine manufacturer-Cummins to build “Foton Cummins” in the hope of establishing a high-standard diesel engine production base;

Foton carries out joint venture with one of three largest gearbox brands-ZF to build “Foton ZF” and “ZF Foton” in the hope of establishing a world-class gearbox production base. 

Foton has created a global R&D system that is based on 1 Beijing Innovation Center and 2 overseas technology R&D centers under the support of 8 Chinese vehicle application and development centers and 3 joint venture technical centers. Till now, Foton has recruited over 3,000 R&D engineers, including more than 150 foreign experts.

Foton has established 21 factories in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Hunan and Guangdong, including 13 vehicle factories and 5 engine factories. Till now, it can produce 700,000 vehicles and 600,000 engines respectively every year; by the end of 2020, Foton will have manufactured 750,000, 1.02m and 550,000 vehicles, engines and gearboxes respectively.

Apart from Chinese market, Foton also boosts its global industry layout, it builds 4 industrial bases in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya and 27 KD factories. They can produce 100,000 vehicles every year. In addition, 6 KD factories are under construction in Algeria, South Africa and other countries, of which annual capacity is 50,000 units.

In accordance with “zero release, contactless and automatic” concept, Foton upgrades and introduces automation, digitization and intelligent technology to build world-class modern factory and automatic production line by investing more than USD 3.4 billion within 4 years. Foton produces intelligent products in harmonious and symbiosis with environment.

Foton has a worldwide sales network, including 2,100 dealers and more than 5,000 sales outlets in China. In overseas market, Foton has over 100 dealers and more than 2,000 sales networks, focusing on 20 core markets overseas. To boost localized marketing management, Foton has built 6 regional departments and registered companies in 9 countries, including Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and so on, so as to respond to the market rapidly.

Foton adheres to the "customer focus" service concept, establishes a differentiated service model centering on the customer scenario, and forms diversified service solutions. The customized service, door-to-door service and in-store service make the Foton Total Care come true.

Focus on commercial vehicles, position at the urban and trunk logistic products and service solution providers, promote the technical innovation of commercial vehicle business, and maintain its position as a leader of commercial vehicles in China; build Foton into a green, intelligent and high-tech global enterprise in 2025, and make it become the leader of commercial vehicles in China and a global mainstream brand of commercial vehicles.



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